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About Us


Mauzo Safari is a leading name in the African safari industry, offering unparalleled experiences for travelers seeking adventure and discovery in the heart of Africa's wilderness. With a deep-rooted passion for conservation, Mauzo Safari crafts tailor-made journeys that embrace the natural wonders and cultural richness of the African continent. From thrilling game drives in renowned national parks to immersive encounters with diverse wildlife, Mauzo Safari curates unforgettable safari experiences. Committed to sustainable tourism, Mauzo Safari not only provides exceptional hospitality and expert guidance but also actively contributes to the preservation of Africa's unique ecosystems and wildlife heritage. Embark on a Mauzo Safari and embark on a transformative journey through the enchanting landscapes and untamed beauty of Africa.


The name "Mauzo Safari" is deeply rooted in the Swahili language, where "Mauzo" translates to 'Sales' in English. This name reflects the company's commitment to providing exceptional safari experiences while also emphasizing the aspect of sales or transactions, showcasing their dedication to delivering outstanding services to their clients. The choice of a Swahili word adds a cultural and authentic touch, aligning with the essence of African safari adventures. It signifies not just a journey, but a 'sales' of experiences, memories, and a profound connection with Africa's natural beauty and wildlife.


We innovate and increase the brand value and the overall growth of Safari Tours and the travel business.


With our expertise in Internet technologies, Digital Marketing, Creative and smart content creation. We understand our clients’ requirements, objectives, goals & vision and help them with technologies to achieve their goals and add more value & overall growth to their business.

Tailor-Made for Africa Tours and Travels Businesses

  • 01

    Your enquiries will be handled automatically by our automated e-mail follow-up system, and your sales team will have organized enquiries and prompt responses to your clients.

  • 02

    You will have the capability to create custom itineraries or choose from predefined itineraries.

  • 03

    Your placed itineraries become operational and stored in the system for future changes.

  • 04

    Your clients receive tailored information packs.

  • 05

    Your operation team can see their daily, weekly and monthly schedule your vouchers are automatically generated.

  • 06

    You can check status of bookings.

  • 07

    You can manage your tour vehicle fleet and private vehicle fleet monitor vehicle running cost and maintenance, fuel consumption and maintain overall vehicle information.

  • 08

    Better client relationships, Improved ability to cross-sell, Increased revenue and profitability.

  • 09

    As a business owner, operational manager, and sales manager, you can monitor your team and the overall efficiency and progress of your respective departments of business.

  • 10

    You will have detailed customizable business intelligence reports.

  • 11

    Vehicle planning dashboard to schedule all your appointments per day, week, month and print.