Mauzo CRM

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Mauzo is a business suite that caters to tailor-made Information technology services & solutions for the entire life cycle of the African Safari Lodges, Camps and tour Operators Business.

  • We innovate and increase the brand value and the overall growth of Safari Tours and the travel business.
  • We understand our clients’ requirements, objectives, goals & vision and help them with technologies to achieve their goals, and add more value & overall growth to their business.
How do we help Safari Business?
With over 50000 + Safari, Lodges, Camps & Tour Operators Business in Africa
  • The question is how would you reach the customer first?
  • How would you respond to inquiries in a prompt manner before your competition does?
  • How would you generate an itinerary and get it approved?
  • How will you outshine competitors and stay responsive to customers?
The key to success is Next Generation Mauzo Safari Business Solutions
  • Reach first to the customer with online marketing and advertisement services.
  • Reply to enquiries in the blink of an eye with Automated emails and chatbots.
  • Effortless Booking Management: Simplify and accelerate the booking process with Mauzo Safari's intuitive tools, ensuring customers can secure their safari adventures swiftly.
  • Keep your safari tours running smoothly with Mauzo's real-time monitoring
Tested Strategies
Drive High
Quality traffic
Convert to bookings
Manage Booking
Manage Tour
Maximize Efficiency
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Our Service

We help grow for all types of Safari Businesses, May it be a Freelancer, small to medium or large Safari business!

Content Strategy

Offering content the customer is searching for.

  • Business Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Web Design

Safari Websites

Designs and layouts tailor-made African safari, lodges, camps & tour operator businesses.

  • Unique & Customised designs
  • Excellent Experience for your customers
  • Responsive Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services are designed for you to reach the customers looking for African Safari.

  • Optimize Your Website
  • Content Optimization and Submission
  • Build Your Social Media Network
Digital Marketing

Online Advertisement

Reach On Top Of Search Pages With Controlled Cost, With Ads On Facebook & Instagram; Bring Awareness, Boost Demand, Drive Bookings To Massive Communities

  • Organic content
  • Reach desired audiences
  • Paid Advertising

Itinerary Builder

Assist the agent or safari operator in responding to their guests in a prompt manner along with any number of changes that can be done to itineraries.

  • Built in transits
  • Automatic duration calculation
  • Robust, Efficient & Easy to work
Itinerary Builder
Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management System

Automatic reply, Innovative itinerary Builder, Automatic follow-ups, and Enquiry routing based on destinations, accommodations & packages.

  • Routing Enquiry to agents
  • Automated Emails on enquiry
  • Easy to understand Graphs and charts

Tour Operations & Management

Voucher management, Driver-Vehicle management, Itinerary builder, Invoice generation, Company forex.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Hotel Management System
  • Drive Vehicle Management
Tour Management


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